Friday, 10 March 2017

Marble Restoration Service Pushed Even Further in Alpharetta

Marble renders a glamorous aspect on the surface with its different variety of styles and multiple color options. It is a very popular stone for floors, countertops, and showers as it delivers that look to your home or building you strive for. But the wrong service or care plays a negative role, making the stone look unpleasant with stains, mold and etching. Marble is a very sensitive stone that demands an ultimate protection to look beautiful, else it will be a curse for your entire surface.

Most companies restore marble using big box stores’ products, which are available at cheap prices and are easy to work with. But, these cleaners damage the integrity of the surface during cleaning it, while sealers peel or wear off the stone tile and grout within months. We have exclusively signed a deal with the best restoration products designing company – pFOkUS, to use their cleaners and sealers.

No matter how badly your marble surface is etched or stained, we can make it look fresh new with our astonishing marble tile cleaning service in Alpharetta. Unlike other cleaners, our patented product – Imperia doesn’t only remove the top stains, it releases stains, etching, mold, mildew, soils and any sealers at the root while penetrating deep into the surface. The best thing is, it never degrades the stone tile and grout quality.

We always perform grout sealing after we clean the surface as grout plays an important role, filling the gaps between tiles. It is a concrete based material that will stain fast if not covered with powerful products. We protect all the grout lines with a pigmented titanium coating, waterproofing the grout to protect it from daily spills or stains. We have an incredibly manufactured sealer – Caponi, which not only seals the grout, it makes everything better.

Marble sealing should also be performed. After it is cleaned, its pores are open that easily allow liquids or moisture from passing through it, causing stains and the growth of mold. We coat the stone with Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin sealer, or Celine – a clear topical resin solvent based sealer. Both deliver a hydrophobic appearance to the stone preventing liquids from passing through it. Repela-Bond doesn’t close all the pores of marble to allow the passage of air. Celine closes all the pores while adding a slight sheen to the marble surface.

We offer a 5 year labor warranty on our marble restoration service, if taken care of with Valore.

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